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Neelabh Rai is an Engineering Graduate in IT (2008). He is currently working as Senior Consultant / Vice President – Business & Security Strategy Services in Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd, NOIDA. He is a perpetual new goal setter, who goes on adding exciting objectives. He holds Diploma in Indian Cyber Law (2008) from Government Law College, Bombay and Diploma in Anti-Corruption (2013) from Ericsson. He is an ASCL Certified Cyber Crime Investigator (2009), an ASCL Certified Cyber Warfare and Defence Professional (2010), an EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (2012), BSI Certified Information Security Management System Lead Implementer – ISO 27001:2005 LI (2013), a BSI Certified Risk Management Implementer – ISO 31000:2009 (2013), and an IRCA Certified Information Security Management System Lead Auditor – ISO 27001:2013 LA (2014).

He is a member of numerous societies viz. Internet Society (ISOC), IETE India, Data Security Council of India (DSCI), International Cyber Threat Task Force (ICTTF), Association of Old Crows, USA etc. Neelabh is awarded by ICTTF as Cyber Security Ace for his outstanding contributions during 2011 towards cyber security, SCADA Security, and research work under the banner of CYBER COPS India – Researching Bits & Bytes.

Neelabh Rai is an independent cyber security researcher who had worked for few years in the starting of his career as a cyber crime investigator for law enforcement agencies. Now, he is in to the transition phase, and is moving in to the field of Information Security, Business Continuity, & Risk Management fields to work as an Implementer and/ or Auditor. The inherent interest of doing research in niche areas is still alive in his heart, and is always on a hunt for some new one. He fiercely believes in the precept that in the digital age, cyberspace is country’s lifeblood, which must be secured through due diligence beyond the passive defensive cyber security practices. True to this belief, he has taken keen interest in cyber vigilantism and demonstrated his abilities to educate internet users through his blogs besides websites and domain ratings.cybercopsindia logo with tag line

In January 2011, Neelabh founded CYBER COPS India which is a testimony to his passionate and undiminished interest in cyberspace.Site protected by 6Scan It is an initiative to help all digital citizens stay safer and feel more secure online in the digital world by providing Comprehensive Online Proactive Security with an access to global trustworthy security products / technology / solutions in Indian Cyberspace. In nutshell, CYBER COPS India is a non-profit online platform dedicated for cyber security research.

CYBER COPS India considers cyberspace as countries’ life-blood.

As an Independent Cyber Security Researcher, he had authored six fine quality research papers, presented and widely acclaimed in national and international conferences/symposiums. His two research papers related to Typosquatting, Scareware & Cyber Hypnotism are published in Advanced Research Series in MacMillan Publications, with another published in an International Journal. His one research paper was cited under the Department of Criminology, University of Leicester, U.K. in 2012.

He is a young aspiring speaker who always tries to give, all that he is capable of, to his audience. Till date he had presented as a speaker in 4 National conferences, and 8 International Conferences, and had chaired 4 Technical Sessions in International Conferences. In all the presentations, he had always received a score of 4 or more (out of 5) for his presentations. More about his upcoming speaking slots can be seen from here. Some of his speaker highlights are:

  • In 2011, he was invited by SMi UK at Cyber Security Asia conference in Singapore (9-10 November 2011), where he presented an overview of Indian Cyber Cops under the banner of CYBER COPS India and actively participated in an interactive panel discussion along with other internationally renowned cyber security experts on What Constitutes CybNeelabh Rai - Hindustan Kanpur - 7 April 2014 - HBTI Kanpurer Terrorism?
  • In 2012, he was invited by The Centre for Internet & Society & IDRC Canada to speak on Consumer Privacy in Cyberspace.
  • On 27 March 2014, Neelabh was invited as a Keynote Speaker wherein he delivered a 60-minutes lecture-cum-presentation in an International Conference on National Security Transformation by means of Cyberspace.
  • On 6 April 2014, he was invited as a Guest Lecturer at INCORD 2014 organized by Harcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI), Kanpur to share his world-class presentation and knowledge with the young and budding engineers that may become interested to pursue cyber security research as their career. Neelabh delivered 120 minutes long guest lecture on Cyber Warfare and International Scenario. This also received media coverage and was published in a Hindi National Newspaper – Hindustan, Kanpur edition.


In his leisure time he loves to pen Ghazals, Nazms, and short Hindi Poems. He had penned total 14 in count, and he plans to get it published in the form of a book after taking the count to 21. He had even decided the name of the book as “दिल की गहराईयों में” [in English – “In the depths of the Heart”].


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