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CYBER COPS India — Researching Bits & Bytes

CYBER COPS India is a non-profit platform involved in cyber security research work.

CYBER COPS India is an initiative of Neelabh Rai
to help all Indian Netizen stay safer and feel more secure online in the digital world
by providing Comprehensive Online Proactive Security
by introducing unique, innovative and revolutionary research-oriented ideas, technologies, solutions etc.

CYBER COPS India proudly introduces our Patented Technology Partner, Validy Technology,
and their patented technological solution, Validy SoftNaos, for the very first time in Indian cyberspace.

This very technology carries the capacity of eliminating
the threat vectors of Software Piracy & Cyber Sabotaging of Computer Systems
in Critical Information Infrastructures such as
Stuxnet, DuQu, sKyWIper aka Flamer etc.