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    Browser Forensic Tool (BFT) – A Benign Tool or Malign Tool??

    Someone referred me to the UNREMOTE link where an interesting article was posted about a tool named as “Browser Forensic Tool (BFT)”. The link is given below: http://unremote.org/2012/02/09/bft-browser-forensic-tool/ About BFT:According to the above given link, BFT is a software that will search in all kind of browser history (even archived) in few seconds. It will retrieve URLs and Title with chosen keywords of all matching search. One can use default example profiles or create a new one, with thematic search. At first hand since never heard something like this, hence, it was obvious for me to take BFT for a test ride and to know whether it is worth using…

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    Incident Response Case Study: Bitly Account Compromise

    There is an important update from the Bitly Account Users from the Bitly Team. The Bitly Team is having some strong reasons to believe that Bitly account credentials may have been compromised; however, they have no indication at this time that the user’s account has been accessed without permission. Whenever a service provider is having some suspicion of account compromising incident, it is better to take precautions. In the same manner, to play safe in the cyberspace The Bitly Team had proactively disconnected any connections one might had done with Facebook and Twitter to publish the posts by using the URL Shortening Links using bit.ly or bitly.com. Once can safely reconnect these…