About CYBER COPS India

CYBER COPS India is an initiative of Neelabh Rai, and
is a non-profit platform involved in cyber security research work.

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Global Cyber Security Practices demonstrate that the level of security requirement and defense plan of an organization / enterprise should depend primarily on the value of information and data in its possession. With double digit growth of cyber crime over the first decade of new millenium, the world has entered into a new era of crime in cyberspace – the era of Cyber Crime – having less risk and more success rates than traditional crimes, in terms of money and information. Billions of dollars and terabytes of data are being stolen each year. Security threats are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated, more targeted and cleverer. How to protect sensitive and classified information in post – WikiLeaks environment? Furthermore, an unprecedented challenge is created by recent Stuxnet attack targeting highly secured networks. Is India ready to thwart Stuxnet-like cyber attacks on SCADA systems? The basic protection isn’t enough in this new era. Evidently, there is a need to look beyond the passive defensive cyber security practices.
cybersecurity-rdCutting-edge cyber research on system patterns and anomalies demonstrate the need for deployment of active defense measures, for instance, from detecting intrusions after they occur to preventing intrusions before they occur. This means that the priority must be early warning and situational awareness about what is happening in the cyber domain. Meanwhile, cyber criminals are able to gain access to users’ systems by exploiting both software vulnerabilities and also manipulating software features for their own purposes. What is next? Are we ready to rethink our security paradigms?? Do we have such systems that are resilient and adapt to the threat???

CYBER COPS India is an initiative to help all digital citizens stay safer and feel more secure online in the digital world by providing Comprehensive Online Proactive Security with an access to global trustworthy security products / technology / solutions, for the first time, in Indian Cyberspace. It addresses all these and many more questions amicably by providinginnovative and trend-setting technology / products. These technologies are user-friendly and as secure as possible.

CYBER COPS India considers cyberspace as countries’ life-blood and envisages security by introducing unique, innovative and a revolutionary Validy Technology solution, for the first time in Indian Cyberspace, through Licensing Validy SoftNaos for Java against Cyber Piracy and Cyber Sabotage of Computer Systems.

Validy SoftNaos, which is perhaps the first of its kind in the history of cyber security, addresses either side of cyber security coin (software & hardware, external & internal threat) in one stroke.

The area covered by Validy Technology is immense. It concerns not only IT – from PCs to mega-servers – but also, more generally, all applications incorporating microcontrollers and microprocessors. Prevention of piracy, unfair use, and tampering seem to be easy to implement. And with some additional programming this solution can also help you build an additional line of defense against data security breaches, and so on. You may reach an unprecedented level of Java software protection.
While working as an Independent Cyber Security Researcher, focused in Security Software Solutions, providing Consulting Services on Strategic Technology and Security Issues, the Founder, CYBER COPS India, received an exciting electronic invitation of working together from those who own several patents in cyber security technology / products.
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Their clearly articulated business model and plan prompted to take a value-based judgment to go through the thrilling experience of bringing the implication of this breakthrough technology in India, which is going to make a dent in cyberspace by changing the paradigm of business and security. As a concerned netizen, accepting this offer meant a far-sighted economic decision to introduce a new set of possibilities in Indian cyberspace for most cherished dreams of Safer India – a small step with noble intention. The Founder believes the smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions. It is learnt from experience that unfortunately, many of the cyber security establishments in India are keeping themselves engaged in doing things efficiently that which should not be done at all. Any problem that is not addressed in a timely manner, compounds.
For the founder, who is also a Cyber Warfare and Defence Professional having quest to float in cyberspace, there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than finding himself to be of any use in making his motherland – India a potentially safe information technology power. Remember, as of now, India is the top Zombie-producer country in the world.

CYBER COPS India in addition to its acronym, has also a notion that every netizen must become a soldier of the nation to stop those who destroy the nation. This is positively not the end. It is the beginning of the end of cyber piracy and cyber sabotage from Indian cyberspace.