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CYBER COPS India – Researching Bits & Bytes started its’ stint way back in 2006 as a blog by Neelabh when he was pursuing his Bachelor of Technology (simply, B. Tech) degree in Information Technology. In 2009, the blog was converted to the website and was started using as a serious venture… In last one decade, the site underwent numerous changes…. such as, the concept of its’ operations, design of the website, technologies operational in the backend, services performed by the site owner, etc.

All the changes gave a cutting edge to the site owner, i.e., Neelabh Rai, in learning new technologies.

In the recent times, SPF was enabled for email services. Later, DKIM was also enabled. Recently, DMARC has also been enabled for email services.

Similar other types of security mechanism are kept introduced for to ensure that whosoever accesses the site can feel assured that this site doesn’t serves any sort of malware. The work is always in progress…. The Author-Owner always ensure that the site cannot become a site for serving malware, hence, his main focus is always security first.

Recently, Neelabh Rai launched his professional website on his own name which portrays the professional work he is performing. This was done because he is planning to use this website to put all sort of articles in website. He is also running another couple of websites since 2004… he has a plan to move all those sites contents too to this website of Hence, there was a thought to keep the professional overview or professional portfolio page separate than the other reading articles related notes/ articles.