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Validy has invented, patented and developed a security solution, called Validy Technology to protect software against piracy and IT systems against sabotage. Validy Technology is based on an approach of security in total rupture with the current state of the art and represents a major advancement in the field of software protection.


In view of the importance of the economic stakes and diversity of fields of application, Validy has taken the decision to deploy its technologies in India by means of a network of licenses. The licensed partners are provided a unique, innovative and a revolutionary technological solution.

Using “Validy Technology”, software publishers have, apart from protection, great freedom to organize their sales policy. They are able to develop new business models made possible through the management of software licenses that Validy permits:

  • evaluation version,
  • on-line services access to which is controlled by the VSM,
  • pay as you go,
  • prepayment,
  • multiple licenses,
  • limited time licenses or unlimited use,
  • roaming licenses,
  • “territorial” licenses, etc.

The publisher, due to problems of qualification of the software, may freeze a version of the software for each VSM. This “quality assurance” solution is of particular interest to manufacturers who sub-contract and outsource their production (auto manufacturers, electronics, aeronautics, information management, agriculture and food, etc).

Thus, for the first time in the history of IT security, software publishers have a radical method of protection against software piracy. By their originality and because of the size of the markets concerned, Validy solutions are going to make their mark on the history of the information society.

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