Cyber Security Roadmap / Strategy (draft version 1.0.0)

It’s an attempt by Neelabh Rai to create a cyber security roadmap / strategy that can be implemented by any organization / country / corporate bodies. All its minute details are also in the development stage and will be hopefully completed at the earliest possible. The cyber security roadmap is created single-handedly by Neelabh Rai.

Since CYBER COPS India is a knowledge-sharing platform among the cyber security researchers, practitioners and experts hence, this very document is made available as a copyleft to all the esteemed readers and viewers.

Kindly have a look on this very document titled as “Cyber Security Roadmap / Strategy (draft version 1.0.0)” from here:

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  1. This cyber security roadmap is available to the public as a copyleft with a disclaimer policy. For the disclaimer policy details, kindly visit Cyber Security Framework / Strategy Disclaimer Policy.
  2. This was created in leisure/free time (i.e., when I am not employed anywhere) only so that my employers cannot claim their copyright on it.

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Cyber Entrepreneur
Independent Cyber Security Researcher

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