Cyber Security Invited Talks

The cyber security invited talks delivered by Neelabh Rai as a Keynote Speaker or Guest Lecture or as an independent cyber security researcher in various national and international conferences, seminars, etc. are listed below:

Sl. No. Date Month Year Organizer Theme Conference Significance Location Accepted / Rejected
(A / R)
Delegate/ Keynote/ Invited
1 10 November 2011 SMi What Constitutes Cyber Terrorism? International Singapore A I
2 10 November 2011 SMi Indian Cyber Cops International Singapore A I
3 9 December 2011 CCH – a Wolters Kluwer business Preventing Corporate Fraud 2011 National Mumbai RFC D
4 20 – 25 November 2011 Christiani International Academy Cyberspace Management International Konstanz, Germany RFC I
5 10 – 11 May 2012 Ron Evancia Critical National Infrastructure Security National Mumbai RMR I
6 11 May 2012 Governance Now e-Security: Challenges & Solutions for Public Sector GovNext Roundtable Discussion NOIDA A I
7 7 July 2012 Privacy India Consumer Privacy in Cyberspace SAG, IRDC Canada, CRDI France New Delhi A I
8 10 March 2012 Christiani International Academy Cyberspace Management International Putrajaya, Malaysia RFC I
9 19 – 20 June 2013 SMi Cyber Security for Defence Sector International London, U.K. RMR + FC I
10 27 March 2014 SNGCE Security and Authentication International Ernakulam A K
11 6 April 2014 HBTI Cyber Warfare National Kanpur A K
12 5 June 2014 Cerebral Business Research National Cyber Threats Summit National Delhi A I
13 23 April 2015 Intelligence-Sec Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 International Manila, Philippines A I


In some of the invited talks Neelabh Rai wasn’t able to accept the offer of Speaker Invitation because of the following main reasons (in serial order & priority basis):

  1. Due to financial constraints (like Traveling, Lodging, Boarding etc.) – FC
  2. Manager’s rejection of presenting in the conference – MR