Cyber Security Framework / Strategy Disclaimer Policy

The Cyber Security Framework / Strategy disclaimer policy is created to cater the legal misuse of the cyber security framework / strategy document created by Neelabh Rai. This very document is a research-oriented one which is designed and developed single-handedly by Mr. Neelabh Rai on his own efforts. The information contained herein (including the images, flowcharts, or any other written material) is copy-left1. It can be used by anyone. However, it is expected that if someone is planning to use it then at least an information will be given to the original author about its’ use so that he is aware that who are using it, and can put their name on his website.cyber-security-framework-key
Since its’ a research document the minute details will not be made public. If someone is really interested to know further details, then one need to contact Neelabh Rai directly via Contact Me webpage.
However, certain risk factors related to the use of abovementioned document’s disclaimer policy is mentioned herewith for the readers’ benefits:

  • if any risk factor arises merely by the implementation of the very framework in an organization / government then neither Neelabh Rai nor CYBER COPS India shall be liable for any sort of loss or damage amounting due to this.
  • The responsibility and intelligence of it’s application lies solely with the person / organization / government implementing it.
  • It is also important to note that no corporate body / company / organization / country can claim sole authority / copyright / any rights of this very document in any form.
  • If any violation is observed, then this matter will be sued in the Honourable Court of Law, Allahabad High Court or Delhi High Court by Neelabh Rai.
Last Updated: 13 April 2014