Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd

Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd company was founded in August 2012. The company had a good client base round the globe, & was headquartered in NOIDA, a city very close to the Capital of India. As the name suggests i.e., Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd, the company was formed with an aim to create a paradigm shift in Information World innovate infosec pvt ltd logo The company’s core principle lies in designing, innovation, research and commitment to provide solutions & services to the clients inter-mixed with innovation while considering the budget of an organization. 

This company has partnered with leading Brands:

  1. Fortinet
  2. IBM
  3. Intel
  4. McAfee
  5. Microsoft
  6. EMC’s RSA SecurWorld

The company Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd currently provides solutions / services in the following realm:

  1. Stock Market Audits:
    • IBT,
    • STWT,
    • CTCL,
    • Algorithmic Trading, etc.
  2. Cyber Security & Cloud Security Services
  3. Information Assurance Services:
    • ISO 27001,
    • HIPAA,
    • SOX,
    • GLBA etc.
  4. Specialized Trainings on:
    • Information Security,
    • Compliance,
    • IELTS,
    • Ethical Hacking,
    • Forensics,
    • Incident Handling,
    • Cyber Security Awareness Programs for Schools etc.
  5. Migration and Immigration business:
    • Company is having specialization in Australia immigration processes since last 7 years. It’s a brand name in the Australia – Swastik Migration & Educational Services Pty Ltd. It’s a name that you can trust!!
    • Company also provides Immigration, Visa assistance and Permanent Residency services in other countries especially USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Ireland & Schengen Countries.
    • The company is currently having three MARA agents, two attorneys & a barrister to cater the specialized services.
  6. Managed Security Services
  7. Digital Forensics & Investigation Services
  8. VA / PT (Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing)
  9. Offensive Services => only for Law Enforcement / Intelligence Agencies
  10. Employee Background Verification Services
  11. Legal Services / Assistance
  12. Physical Security Services
  13. Business Risk Assessment Services
  14. Website Development Services & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services
  15. Mobile Phone Application Development Services