Neelabh Rai being an independent cyber security researcher and researching cum working with an honest intention to promote the security in cyberspace and its allied fields, many of the organizations had shown keen interest to join hands with him in his voyage. Some of the companies are Validy Net Inc., Innovate InfoSec Pvt Ltd etc. Although many individuals & companies had shown eagerness to join hands with Neelabh Rai, but he had currently joined hands only with those Companies and Individuals that had showed ethics and honesty as their core values in their foundation. If you are one of those companies, then please feel free to connect with us by clicking here.Partners

For better partnership management, we had separated them into different classes viz. Strategic Partners, Technology Partners, Investment Partners, etc. There are some of the organizations / companies which are our partners and are connected with the Founder just because of the social activities he is involved in.

Currently, we have Patented Technology Partners for which Neelabh Rai is promoting their patented technology in India & round the globe under the banner of CYBER COPS India. In order to carry out this task successfully, the Founder had recently started joining hands with some of the Individuals as well as Companies in India which will be playing the roles of Strategic Partners. Our current patented technology partner is Validy Net Inc.

Since Neelabh Rai is also a conference speaker, hence, he had joined hands with a visa assistance and migration company for dealing into these processes. As mentioned above that Neelabh joins hands only with honest companies, hence, he had joined hands with Swastik Migration & Educational Services Pty Ltd, an Australian-based firm which was run by Mr. Vikram Porus (Late).