Volunteer Experiences

The volunteer experiences of Neelabh Rai is covered as much as possible in this page:

  • As part of CSRC i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility in Cyberspace, Neelabh Rai promotes the awareness of donating blood voluntarily at least thrice a year to the blood banks. For this, he is running a Facebook Group on promoting Voluntary Blood Donation.


  • Voluntary (non-remunerated) Blood Donor AND Member – Motivation Wing at Rotary Blood Bank, DelhiCertificate - Rotary Blood Bank 2013

[+] Aim: 101 voluntary ‘whole’ blood donations
[+] Celebrated: “Silver Jubilee (25)” in Voluntary (Whole) Blood Donation on 30 Oct, 2010.
[+] Voluntary Blood Donation Count: 37
[+] Last donated: 01 December, 2014
[+] Next Date of Donation: 01 March, 2014 (after 90 days)
[+] Average Donation Per Year: 4 i.e., after every 3 months.


  • Psychological and Motivational Counselor

January 2009 – Present

Neelabh is working to help depressed people and especially handles those cases where there are signs of a suicidal tendency.
[+] Deals only critical cases where there are multiple suicidal attempts in the patients’ medical history.
[+] 6 out of 7 had recovered completely and are doing superb in their personal and professional life.
[+] Case 5 was the toughest and the longest case handled among all – a 14 year old case. It took Neelabh Rai two years to bring Case 5 back to the normal life.
[+] Currently handling 7th Case which had shown just one suicidal attempt.

Neelabh-email-12 Oct-2008For doing this, he had even received death threats from a terrorist outfit in order to stop his & his formed group’s activities immediately. Instead, he stepped up his activities and worked more ferociously and had received some key inputs which was immediately informed to the respective law enforcement agencies. However, he later on closed all his activities because of the way media people and law enforcement agencies handed the very sensitive issue. Due to family pressure, he disbanded the community he had formed. At the time of disbanding of the community, there were 100,000 members operating round the globe.