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Couldn't You Be Electronically Ransacked (=CYBER COPS India) ?

We deliver specialized and thought-provoking presentations on cyber security research/ strategy or Fluid Mechanics in International Conferences / Seminars, Universities, Corporate Houses etc.

CYBER COPS India is a non-profit online initiative of Neelabh Rai that is involved in cyber security research work.

Mission is to help all Indian Netizen stay safer and feel more secure in the digital world by providing Comprehensive Online Proactive Security by introducing unique, innovative and revolutionary research-oriented ideas, technologies, solutions etc.

Validy SoftNaos - Based on patented Validy Technology

Validy SoftNaos, which is perhaps the first of its kind in the history of cyber security, addresses either side of cyber security coin (software & hardware, external & internal threat) in one stroke.

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Incident Response Case Study: Bitly Account Compromise

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The official website of International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, popularly known as EC-Council, is hacked. The hacker had inserted an image showing Edward Snowden’s Passport and left following message onRead More >

Could the computer in your car be hacked?

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